25Jun 2017




How to view your cPanel disk space usage


there’s a great tool located inside of your cPanel account that can help you narrow down what’s using all of your disk space.

1.log into your cPanel account, and  locate the “Disk Usage” icon found under the “Files” pane.


2.click on the “Disk Usage” icon in cPanel, you’ll be taken to the overview page, as shown below:


3.You can click on the path displayed in the above image to open the file viewer to view the files/directories from within that path. If you need to drill down further, you can scroll down towards the bottom & expand each directory:


Please note: in the event your web hosting account has a large amount of data on it, it may take a while for the cPanel disk space usage application to retrieve the statistics. In the event of a very large hosting account, the cPanel disk space usage utility may not be able to load your statistics. In the even this happens, please contact our support department & we can provide you with your space usage details.

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