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Because we Care

Throughout the years, i2HOST has been known for its dedication to bring its users the most reliable experience one could ever get. from our specialist team that monitor the servers around the clock to make sure you have the best hosting experience, to the amazing support team that’s ready to take your questions at any time we have it all! join our big family and start building your business in a reliable, comfortable workplace.

Because you’re safe with us

Internet is full of criminals, that’s why i2HOST brings the most advanced security technologies to help you have the safest environment for your business,

Because we're not greedy

In today’s world, technology has taken a big part of our daily life, having that said, most of people and companies are putting their businesses on the web for its ease to reach the audience, Hosting Service companies are aware of that, and they take advantage of it by putting ridiculous prices for their services, we’re here to fight other companies greed by offering industry standard services with very affordable prices, Check out our plans and let’s get started!

Because why not?

You’re not satisfied with your current hosting service, you wanna try something new but you still have some doubts, we understand exactly how hard it is to trust a hosting company after having a horrible experience with another, and that’s why we wanna make up your mind by offering you 45-days of service with money back guarantee, we assure you that once you go i2HOST, you can never go back!


 Sameh Billto

I wish I switched to I2host long time ago. You guys are SO easy to work with !

Sameh Billto , Information Officer
Tarq Alhasan

I can't tell you how pleased I have been with the service you provide. We will likely be adding a machine or two in the near future. It will definitely be with you!

Tarq Alhasan , Mobile Network Engineer

Thanks so much for your help! I appreciate the quick response, and the answers. I am referring a good friend of mine to you.

Bill, Hacker Guard Security
Amen Mousa

I wanted to pass along the majority of the feedback I've received on our site: `The Site runs really fast!` Thanks for the Kick Ass Service !

Amen Mousa , Video Montern